Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy tickets? Can I buy tickets for an upcoming show in-person?

Tickets can be purchased online through Ticketfly up to an hour before doors. After that, you can pay the cover at the Box Office- located outside the building in the courtyard. Tickets can only be purchased in-person after Door time on day of show.

where is the show/ how do i get in?

Giant gates on Fawcett ave north of Honey will open immediately before door times.

How can I be ready for Will Call?

In order to get through the door, you will need to (1) have your valid I.D. ready, (2) know the name your tickets are held under, and (3) have that ticket holder with you and the rest of your ticket party. If whoever’s name on the ticket is no longer accompanying your party, you must have the ticket transferred to your name by calling Ticketfly at 877.436.9849. A copy of the receipt (printed or pulled up on your phone) could come in handy if we have any trouble finding your name. Don’t forget to finish that coffee or leave your water bottle behind, because outside drinks are prohibited. Please be sure to check your ticket confirmation. If you have e-tickets, you should have a PDF copy of your tickets in your email and won't need to stand in the Will Call/Box Office line. 

What forms of ID do you accept?

Driver’s license (U.S. and Canadian Province only), passport, and military are the IDs we accept. Your ID must be VALID.

Can I rent the space for my event?

You sure can! Our room can accommodate up 450 people. Contact to find out more information.

Can I Transfer My Tickets to Another Person?

Yes. You can call Ticketfly at 877.435.9849 or email

Is Alma Mater ADA Accessible?

Yes, the venue is ADA accessible. The main entrance to the venue can be accessed through the exterior gate to the north of the building or through the gallery entrance between Honey and Matriarch at Fawcett Ave. The bar at Fawcett Hall as well as both restaurants (Honey and Matriarch) are all ADA accessible, as are the bathrooms in the gallery and inside the venue to the left of the stage. We can provide wheelchair accessible seating at any event if you email us in advance at: Performers who need ADA accommodations will also find an accessible backstage entrance to the south of the building (please coordinate with venue staff at If you require any other disability related accommodations, please email us in advance and we will do our best to make your visit to Alma Mater as perfect as possible. .