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Art Slam Slide

- 25 Regional Artists - 2 Minutes Each -

- Slides - Song - Dance - Reading - Video - Etc - 


Beautiful Angle - Tom Llewellyn & Lance Kagey
Karl Nathan Tolentino
Asia Tail
Laura Castellanos & Zizi Raimondi
Cassie Miura
Jordan Timmers
RYAN! Feddersen
Beverly Naidus
FEAST - Todd Jannausch & Chandler Woodfin
Matthew Dockrey
Taylor Steedman
Kris Crews
Clarissa Gines
JM Miller
Merna Hecht & students
Niko Hernandez
Erika Merz

20 regional artists, focused on socially engaged arts, will get 2 minutes each to present their work in a whirlwind, high energy event of inspiring ideas, beautiful visuals, and powerful voices. 

This is the kickoff event for Arts Bridging Communities happening May 10, 11, 12 at or near the UWT campus. This is a FREE, creative community-building event and active engagement through the arts that is open to the public. We offer interactions in art workshops, performances, visual arts, and networking for everyone including students and families. 

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