Happy Hour

Scallops 15

Blood orange gastrique, vinegar crisps (6) gf

Solo Cheese 6

Single serving of cheese, accoutrements (1,47,8) gfo

Roasted Olives 5

Garlic, orange, rosemary gf

Blistered Shishito Peppers 7

Edamame, burnt lemon, maldon salt (7) gf

Smoked pork cheek “poutine” 11

Shoestring fries, curds, pork gravy (1,7,8)

Arancini 9

Fried risotto balls stuffed with mushrooms, blue cheese Mornay (1,2,7,8)

Steamer clams 11

Butter, white wine, garlic, chili flake, toast (5,6,8) gfo

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