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If you’ve been to or walked by Alma Mater, you’ve seen what they call, The Slug. At night, it’s colorful and lit up, but its daytime presence is definitely not unassuming. With its glossy, yet textured exterior, and polk-a-dotted tentacles, the stools that live underneath this creature makes for a very curious spectator. And those who brave the interaction with the Slug, more often than not come out with some very rewarding and Instagram-worthy evidence. Its creator: Tacoma artist, Steve LaBerge.

Beginning June 10th, Alma Mater will house another one of Steve’s projects, called the TVs, which will also be an interactive piece created with twenty local artists. We’ve sat down with Steve to learn more about him and his work.

Homecoming : Meet the Artists

Homecoming is about embracing and celebrating where we're at - right now - and finding ways to tell truths about the reality of home in hopes of a better future. It's about being unafraid to excavate where we're from and having the courage to return. Homecoming is a parade, a dance, a smear of oil paint on glass, an homage to the past, and a bubbly toast to what's to come.

Experience Homecoming through the lens of 14 artists from our home, Tacoma on April 19th, 2018.