October Art Exhibit: Mishele DuPree's 'Den of Uniquities: A Morbidly Curious Collection'


In theme with this changing season and month, our Milk Gallery is featuring Madame DuPree’s creation/curation titled, ‘Den of Uniquities: A Morbidly Curious Collection’. See it all month for free, and read Dupree’s narrative about the exhibit below!


Welcome to the home of Mad Dr Kilaghari and his lovely witch wife Willow Darby-Kilighari. Within the walls lies his secret laboratory and her black alter where, unable to have children of their own, they team up to fabricate and animate their growing brood of chimeracal children. The favored offspring of this marriage live a charmed, yet secluded, life in their nursery hidden within the walls. But the others, those not deemed a success by their parents, are taken from their cages only to be experimented on by the ones that gave them a semblance of life.