November Art Exhibit: Tiffany Hammonds', 'Figments of Features'

November is here, and we are excited to showcase the work of Tiffany Hammonds. Her exhibit, ‘Figments of Features’ will be showing for the entire month and free to the public inside our Milk Gallery, located in the entrance hall of our building.

Read more about the artist and exhibit below, and join us in celebrating her work on November 1st, at 7pm, where there will be 150 micro portraits available for purchase, along with live music, live painting, singing, and dancing. Free and all ages!


About the artist:


Tiffanny Hammonds is a Hilltop Artist based in Tacoma, Washington. Born in Oakland, CA to the late Andrew Hammonds III and Janet Clark. Hammonds uses her expressions of art as a voice in her community. Since she was a child she has dabbled in acrylics and mixed media, then in 2015 she developed the medium of oils. Her style is best described as realism and expression with how she captures her surroundings.

Tiffanny is a youth advocate and is very passionate about helping them define themselves and discover their purpose. She believes in breaking the effects of generational cycles that leave children hopeless, by giving them outlets that she stumbled upon growing up. She seeks to create atmospheres of healing for all people who are open, using God as a medium to paint the picture of genuine worship and divinity.  Some of her projects she’s involved in are, the People Center Mural, the 5 Stages Mural, the Water Flume Mural, the Salishan Mural, Design the Hill and managing the Fab-5 Headquarters in Hilltop.

She is currently working on a tribute to her Father and Brother Andrew Lee Hammonds III/IIII coming in Late May titled “My Mother Prayed for me”. Tiffanny’s goal is to be a beacon of hope that reminds you that, you too can live in purpose.

About the exhibit:

Figments of Features is the healing that transpired a transformation in my identity; as an artist, a black woman, and a soul who loves God. The intention is for others to emphasize the importance of relational healing by taking authority over our perceptions of ourselves and going back to the roots. My focus is black women because of the disconnection I've seen in my community, and a reflection of the things I imagine. So many factors play into loving our authentic selves, but to get there is a movement that inspires others to their own healing process. I look to create an atmosphere that relates to all; even though this project was initially just for me, to me. I hope to nurture the generations to come by giving grace in the process and allowing God to bring forth wholeness to the generations before us.