October Update

So, we've been quiet for a while.

Online, that is. Things have been anything but quiet at the Carpenters Building. We've been working to the sweet sounds of nail guns, jackhammers, and the back-up 'beep beep beep' of forklifts. It's getting closer, everyone, and the countdown has officially begun.


If you've passed by the building

on your way to work, or home, or for dinner, it may not look like much has changed. But we have new windows now, and sparkling steel frames for our future elevator, and ducts, and fire sprinklers, and a two-story skylight. In the next two weeks, the view will shift again, and if you peer closely enough, you may see our smiling faces through our windows, because we know what comes next.


:if you lived here you could be home now:

:if you lived here you could be home now:

This is a rendering of what our green space will look like. Today, it is piles of broken up concrete and rubble; container-sized trash bins and construction office-trailers; people in hard-hats and high-vis yellow vests. But in a few more months, it will be you. And me. And hopefully some trees. And a good amount of ferns. 

Our recording studio has a new name.

Introducing Gold Cat Studios. Home of All Her Children Productions and our talented engineer, Mr. Aaron Spiro. You can follow the Golden Caton Instagram.

Upcoming events

Celebrate the 2017 Amocat Arts Award winners at a F R E E event on October 4th called Kaleidoscope; featuring music from some of our faves, art-making, movie-screenings, and dance. More info here