Holidays, Ambition, and Sporty Lee in Lights

We're on the cusp of a new year, and for many, 2017 can't come fast enough. For us, if we're honest, rounding the corner of 2016 has us feeling a mixture of elation and trepidation; we're coming into the year that will test our theories and plans and hopes and anxieties. Our ambitious project* (hereinafter known as AP) will come to life in ways we're expecting, and almost certainly in ways we're not. And we'll need you, Tacoma, to help keep us on track. Thanks for trusting us this last year and showing up when we asked you to. Thanks for your excitement in our big ol' AP, and thanks for letting us know about the things you might not be so excited about, too. We'll take it and run. See you next year.

*Ambitious Project is the official term people have used when learning about our plans at the Carpenters Building. And we agree, this thing is a lot of work.


Where we’re going

Tonight at Jazzbones is An Evening of Prince and Talking Heads. And by evening they mean dance party with tribute band Life During Wartime. Doors open at 7pm, with an early show that begins at 8. Sunday, beginning at 7pm at the Mule Tavern, is Bric-a-Brac Bingo. It's free to play, and prizes are bric-a-brac and thrift store finds (sounds like a good way to snag a pink elephant gift). Gritty City Sirens will be celebrating their six year anniversary with caroling and a five-stop pub crawl with proceeds benefiting Standing Rock. At the Carpenters Building on Thursday, the 29th, the opening of the Coloredexhibit, presented by Breaker Gallery, will host 20 featured artists, two dance performances, three DJs, two poets, and headliner Joyce Lee. We've been privy to the transformation in our venue space and you will be sad if you miss this. Finally, plan out your New Year's eve in advance with First Night's schedule of events.


Chris Jordan working on a mural. See his work and others' at the Colored opening event on December 29th.

Chris Jordan working on a mural. See his work and others' at the Colored opening event on December 29th.

Who we're watching

Our very own Sporty Lee is featured on Private Press' Christmas Compilation, and next month his previously released album, Allotropes, will be their January record of the month. Both are beautiful (visually and sonically), and deserve to be heard in their most natural, vinyl state. Oh, and there's also a video. Enjoy.

Pro tip: wait until 1:25.

Music compliments of Sporty Lee via Golden Kitty Studios
Video work by Mountain House Productions

What we’re reading

This afternoon I sat in the eighth-floor SantaLand office and was told, “Congratulations, Mr. Sedaris. You are an elf.” In order to become an elf I filled out ten pages’ worth of forms, took a multiple choice personality test, underwent two interviews, and submitted urine for a drug test. The first interview was general, designed to eliminate the obvious sociopaths. During the second interview we were asked why we wanted to be elves. This is always a problem question...When it was my turn I explained that I wanted to be an elf because it was one of the most frightening career opportunities I had ever come across.  The interviewer raised her face from my application and said, “And . . . ?”

-excerpted from "The Santaland Diaries" inHolidays on Ice, by David Sedaris, 2008, published by Little, Brown and Company.