It's an Alma Mater Update!

After nearly nine months and dozens of meetings with our design team, hundreds of hours of researching, studying, modeling, dreaming, and stressing over budgets and projections, we are now weeks away from submitting our drawings for building permits to the city! That might seem a bit anticlimactic to some, but to us it signals a green light to bring to life all of the elements that will make this project run. We’ll be telling you first about job postings, calls for artists and proposals, and info sessions as they approach, so keep an eye out for our updates.

And speaking of our updates, we’ve decided to change it up a bit. The first change is that they're now bi-weekly! Hooray! We’ll be without a home in the next few months, and we wanted a way to let you know that we’re still here and how things are progressing. The second change is that in addition to what’s happening at the Carpenters Building, we’ll be sharing some of the events we’re most excited about, the sort of things we’re reading that have influenced our thinking around the arts and our project (or just stuff that’s fun to read), and an artist that has our attention. Have suggestions? Want to talk about books, music, or art? Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email. We love hearing from you.

For the weeks of August 31st through September 10th, we’re going to head over to the TAM before the NW Art Now exhibition closes on September 4th to see the art of Jeremy Mangen, Christopher Paul Jordan, Asia Tail, and other notable Northwest artists. It’s refreshing to see great local art in a museum setting, so don’t miss it. Central Cinema in Seattle is hosting a Prince vs. the Jacksons sing(and dance)-along on September 1st at 8pm, and we’re thinking it might be worth the drive. Also in Seattle -- lasers. The Laser Beatles show (with a daily matinee at 12:30), to be exact. Lasers+Beatles= a pretty okay time, we think. On September 7th, we’ll be joining our uphill neighbors for Downtown on the Go’s “Step Into Hilltop” walk, hosted by Keith Blocker. It’s an after-the-work-day walk, and it starts at 5:15pm on 11th and MLK. Bring your high tops. And we would be remiss in not mentioning Bumbershoot over the holiday weekend, but we know you don’t need us to tell you about that!



Right now we’re reading the popular Our Band Could Be Your Life by Michael Azerrad, a book of 13 band profiles of the post-punk, pre-digital-grid era that makes us all nostalgic for the days when the only place to see a good show was at a VFW hall or someone’s basement, and the only way to find out about it was a hand drawn zine. Also on the coffee table is Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, which is, you guessed it, a book about the evolution of humans and the systems we create. It’s a lot of territory to cover in one book and can get a bit sensationalist at times, but here’s a review of the bookby Bill Gates if you want to know more.

Did we mention how much we love the artwork of Devon Urquhart? Well, we do. So much so, that Devon is working on something really special for Alma Mater, and we’re excited to show it to you in the coming months. Devon works with colored pencil, oil paint, and shrinkable plastic to create dreamy, miniature dioramas that will knock your socks off. We don’t even bother wearing socks around her anymore.