Some Re-Introductions Are In Order

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about ourselves in a big-picture sort of way, and as more and more people take interest in our project that have not yet met us or experienced an Alma Mater event before, we thought it would be a good time for some re-introductions.

Who we are
Alma Mater at the Carpenters Building is an artist-driven work, performance, and gathering space opening in Tacoma later this fall. The idea for a building that encompassed an incubator for artists, areas to perform and display their work, and an economical engine to support them, was activated by Jason Heminger’s own creative journey after a three-year stint in Colorado working in education. In the summer of 2015, Jason brought on long time friends and like-minded thinkers Aaron Spiro and Rachel Ervin to help develop his vision into a concrete plan. Since then, the Alma Mater team has received generous investment, support, and excitement for what’s to come.

Where we’re going
Because we wanted to create a lasting, sustainable model that doesn’t rely on non-profit funding cycles and the whims of a fickle creative market, we decided to build something that doesn’t look like the typical arts organization. Instead, we opted for a for-profit (or slim-profit, as it may be) approach to providing opportunities for artists. The structure that emerged was an ecosystem of artists, programming, hospitality, and the community.
Our first floor will house all of our public spaces and programming: a venue that will hold up to 500 people, an all-day café with an adventurous chef at the helm (no, we can’t tell you who yet, but soon!), a cocktail lounge, day time co-working (and evening community programming), and an outdoor green space. Our recording studios, shared artist work space, and individual studio rentals will live on the second floor, and a newly constructed nine-unit micro hotel will make up the third.

Who we’re watching
Last week, we sent out a call for interest in working with us. As you can see, we have a lot of work (and jobs to fill) ahead. We will need front and back of house professionals for our café, bar, and venue bar, audio/visual tech(s) for our events and performances, a social media master, event coordinator, talent booker….the list goes on. We will be starting the interview process this coming summer, so we hope you’re ready and excited to join us on our adventure. Send us your interest, your resume, your questions, or whatever else you want us to know about to us here. We’ll keep you in the loop!